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About Scripture@Work

The vision of S@W is to see the marketplace redeemed by faithful workers aligning their work with Biblical beliefs, principles, and priorities.

Toward that end, our mission is to serve workplace communities by facilitating Biblical learning that encourages marketplace transformation—helping faithful workers put Scripture to work@work. 

WHY Scripture@Work

Many people look to the Bible to guide their personal life but have never been taught—or even thought about—how Scripture can guide their work life.

Yet, according to the Theology of Work Project, nearly 900 passages of Scripture apply to ordinary work.

We believe a person who professes a Biblical faith can’t fully “bring their whole self” to work or truly live an integrated faith life without:

  • Understanding God’s design for their work;
  • Embracing the sacred nature of their work; and
  • Recognizing how aligning their work with Biblical beliefs, principles and priorities can lead to greater personal flourishing and redemptive marketplace transformation.

Scripture@Work Groups

One Powerful Tool to Put Scripture to Work@Work

They gather regularly in community to hear Scripture paired with its commentary and share how the teaching relates to work.

  • Powered by, a free series of 144 videos designed for S@W Groups and produced by the Theology of Work Project (ToW).  Available online in the “Resources” section of our website or at the site
  • Organized by work-related topics like conflict, resolution, communication, money (greed), success, and entire Bible book studies.
  • videos reduce group leader preparation, giving more time to grow, nurture, organize, and manage.
  • Designed for fifty-minute small group meetings.
  • Ideal for in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings.

Who Uses S@W Groups? 

  • Finance professionals piloted these groups in 2019 under the name “FiFS-Faith in Financial Services.”
  • In use at Christian and faith-based Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).
  • Ideal for all industry groups, such as technology, accounting, law, travel, manufacturing, or transportation.

Experience an S@W Group:

  • Attend a FiFS group virtually on Wednesdays at 7:30 am (ET) or Fridays at 12:30 am (ET) at this Zoom Link.
  • Or register at this link to attend the Wednesday 7:30 am NYC meeting in person over breakfast at 888 7th Avenue (57th Street), 22nd Floor.

S@W will help you Start an S&W Group at your workplace or with your friends.

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